I’ve Got Rhythm Badge Program

The club's "I've Got Rhythm!" skill development program features a 6 level badge program designed to teach gymnast the basic rhythmic gymnastics body technique and skills. This program sets goals for the gymnast and gives them something to work towards during their classes. The coaches continuously monitor the progress of each gymnast, and recommend that any gymnast who has demonstrated mastery of the skills required for their specific badge level be invited to attend badge day testing.

During Badge Day the gymnast will participate in warm-ups with their coaches, and independent gymnastic evaluators will evaluate the performances of their badge skills. Once the skills are completed, the gymnast are presented their badges and are able to progress to the next level. In addition, each gymnast receives a personal progress report at the end of each session. Badges are to be sewn on the upper left sleeve of gymnasts bodysuits.eeve of gymnasts bodysuits.

Badge Level 1


This is where the "I've Got Rhythm!" program begins. Gymnast learn to stand like a gymnast, skip with a hoop, bounce a ball and many other basic skills.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Birdies (finger position), Ballet first position (V), Gymnastic walk (heels on line), Relevé on 2 feet (hold for 3 sec), Sunflower, Side Gallop (Right and Left), Front Gallop (Right and Left)
  • Rope: Skipping (5 times), Rope handling (snake), Rope (wrapping neck), Rope rotation (soup)
  • Ball: Drop and catch ball, Sandwich, Throw and catch ball twice, Simple release and catch
  • Hoop: Spin hoop V position, Now you see me, Skip through forward, Tic-tac clock, Rainbow
  • Ribbon: Large circles Right and Left, Rainbow, Snake (walk backward), Fence, Side circles with jumps.

Badge Level 2

Gymnast learn how to perform simple standing balances, skip with a rope, throw
and catch a ball, make simple patterns with a ribbon and rotate a hoop around their hands.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Directions 1-8, 1/2 split position, Hand position during arm circle, 2nd position ballet (demi-plié), Walk (point toes, heels on line), Front passé (3 seconds on flat feet), Step-hop (hands on hips)
  • Rope: Skip forward in place, Foot handling of rope, Body wrap or unwrap, Rope rotation to side, Release/catch on foot
  • Ball: Bounce and catch (3 times), Roll onto arm (Right and Left), Throw and catch (4 times), Figure 8 prep (Right and Left), Roll from feet to body
  • Hoop: Spin hoop go around , Frontal Rotation, Pass around waist, Jump into and out of, Spin around waist
  • Ribbon: Circles overhead, Snake (high and low), Snake (walk backwards), Fences (Right and Left), Circles (catch end)

Badge Level 3

Gymnast learn basic jumps and leaps, skipping while traveling forwards through
a rope, bounce a ball with one hand, make intricate ribbon patterns and rotate a hoop on one hand.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Arch backwards from knees,  Arm waves (S,M,L), 3rd position
    ballet (Right and Left), Walk on toes on line, Side passé (3 seconds on flat foot), Frontal plane, Cat leap or scissor kick
  • Rope: Skip forward in travel, Release from snake (catch in 1 hand), Wrap/unwrap (arm), Rotation to skip (Right and Left)
  • Ball: Bounce with 1 hand (3 times), Roll neck to back and catch (kneel or stand), Throw from 1 hand catch with 2 hands, Figure 8 prep (press ball)
  • Hoop: Rotation with 1 hand, Roll with step-hop, Pass around body 2 parts (waist, knees), Throw horizontal and catch
  • Ribbon: Figure 8 frontal plane, Snake over head (while traveling), Mix soup spiral, Snake (hold end, pull step on stick)

Badge Level 4

Gymnast learn jumps, body waves, a series of turns, skipping backwards through a rope, bouncing a ball from hand to hand, tossing a ribbon and making a boomerang with hoop.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Leg flex (lying down), Backward body wave (kneeling), 2 foot turn (in relevé), Chassé (no arms), Side passé in relevé (hold 2-3 sec), Stag jump with arms, Horizontal plane
  • Rope: Skip backward with travel, Rope hit (any), Wrap and unwrap with 1/2 turn in travel (arm), Rotation over head and around body
  • Ball: Bounce 4 times alternating hands, Roll hand to shoulder and back (Right and Left), Throw from 2-1-1, Figure 8 inward (1 hand)
  • Hoop: Rotate from hand-hand, Boomerang, Wrap with shoulders, Throw 1/2 horizontal rotation
  • Ribbon: Figure 8 side to side, Snake overhead in travel then to floor, Spiral out with 1 hand in backward travel, (Right and Left), Throw from circling

Badge Level 5

Gymnast learn full turns on one foot, skipping with a rope while crossing and
uncrossing arms, throwing and catching a ball with 1 hand, making simple patterns with a ribbon while performing body movements and rotating a hoop overhead.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Backward body wave (from standing with arms), 360 turn in front passé (arms in V), Arabesque (3 sec on flat feet), Bridge from floor, Chassé to cat leap, scissor kick and stag, sagittal plane
  • Rope: Skip forward (arms cross and uncross), Skip in place (vary footwork), Knot and rotate in the sagittal plane, Backward rotation (1 hand)
  • Ball: Bounce 3 times with 1 hand then with forehead and catch, Throw and catch with 1 hand, Figure 8 in walk, Body roll from kneel
  • Hoop: Rotate horizontal overhead, Roll over shoulder to back, Hoop unwrap, Spin in air in hand
  • Ribbon: Figure 8 in front and behind, Side gallop with fence, Spirals inward (Right and Left), Toes ribbon

Badge Level 6

Gymnast work on their splits, body waves, galloping through a rope,
throw the ball, turn and catch it with 1 hand, throw and catch the ribbon and throw and catch a hoop from rotation.

At this level gymnast are tested on:

  • Free: Forward body wave (standing), 360 turn in side passé (arms in V), Bridge from standing, Any split , Chassé split leap, Combination of moves with different planes and directions
  • Rope: Skipping variations, Side gallop thru rope, Release from behind catch with 1 hand, Bottom 1/2 cowboy
  • Ball: Bounce with 1 hand 2 times, then 3 times fast, then 1 time head bounce, From walk roll on ball, Throw, turn
    and catch, Figure 8 outward (Right and Left)
  • Hoop: Rotate sagittal plane, Figure 8, Shoulder wrap and unwrap, Throw and catch from hoop rotation
  • Ribbon: Figure 8 side plane, step or jump over, Figure 8 hold 2 ends spiral with 360
    ْ turn, Any throw, Chassé spiral stag