I’ve Got Rhythm Badge Program

The club's "I've Got Rhythm!" skill development program features a 6 level badge program designed to teach gymnast the basic rhythmic gymnastics body technique and skills. This program sets goals for the gymnast and gives them something to work towards during their classes. The coaches continuously monitor the progress of each gymnast, and recommend that any gymnast who has demonstrated mastery of the skills required for their specific badge level be invited to attend badge day testing.

During Badge Day the gymnast will participate in warm-ups with their coaches, and independent gymnastic evaluators will evaluate the performances of their badge skills. Once the skills are completed, the gymnast are presented their badges and are able to progress to the next level. In addition, each gymnast receives a personal progress report at the end of each session. Badges are to be sewn on the upper left sleeve of gymnasts bodysuits.eeve of gymnasts bodysuits.

Badge Level 1

The badge 1 development program is designed to ensure gymnasts cover basic skills in the sport with and without apparatus. Handling of balls, hoops, ropes and ribbons is introduced and the athletes will work toward mastering different skills with each apparatus.

Badge Level 2

The badge 2 development program is a follow up program to badge 1. There is a more extensive repertoire including different stretches and body movements as well as more progressive skills with the equipment.

Badge Level 3

The badge 3 development program is focused on gymnastics skills such as balances and introductory jumps and leaps. With all the skills mastered in badges 1 and 2 gymnasts will be ready to advance to more difficult movements with the equipment challenging their hand-eye coordination.

Badge Level 4

The badge 4 development program continues to advance gymnasts with gymnastics skills by building off of badge 3 skills. A variety of jumps/leaps are taught and pre-acrobatic elements are introduced. There is a bigger focus on mastering apparatus technique as high throws are included in the badge 4 skill set.

Badge Level 5

The badge 5 development program is the 2nd highest badge gymnasts can earn. By this point, gymnasts have a good base with all the equipment as well as body technique. Badge 5 broadens athletes’ capabilities by containing a multitude of balances, jumps and pivots. Gymnasts will learn high throws with apparatus with an element of rotation under the flight.

Badge Level 6

The badge 6 development program is the highest badge in KRSG’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” program. Once a gymnast has mastered all the skills in the badge 6 skill set, the athlete will be prepared to take on a more competitive approach to rhythmic gymnastics. The next step after completing our badge program is to explore what competitive options our club has to offer to find what suits your daughters needs best.